“I came to the studio with low back pain. I now feel my core is much stronger and that has been key to healing my back. Heather is careful, attentive and very skillful. I really began to see improvement when I began to come twice a week.” - Erica Alexander

"I started Pilates workouts with Heather Alexander about 3 1/2 years ago.  I liked the notion of increasing flexibility and core strength, and thought it might prolong my enthusiastic, albeit mediocre, senior golf game. The first thing I would say about Heather is that she is a wonderful person - kind, caring, always concerned about her students’ physical symptoms, and always positive in her interactions. 

She is remarkably knowledgeable about Pilates and about the musculoskeletal system, and I say this as a physician who thought he knew a fair amount about the subject.  She works extremely hard to tailor her Pilates workouts to address specific needs of her students, and I’ve seen her consult several times with licensed Physical Therapists to develop strategies for vexing physical ailments. Heather is always positive and very motivating.  Her workouts are challenging without being overwhelming, and she knows how to manage groups of differing experience levels and capabilities without leaving anybody out.

Now, almost 4 years later, I still have the aches and pains of being in my mid-60’s, but I have much better core strength and flexibility, and I feel much more confident about my ability to maintain recreational and daily activities moving forward.  Plus I’m now hitting my driver 10-15 yards farther, which is definitely not coincidental.  My Pilates workouts with Heather Alexander have become, and will remain, the most important part of my weekly schedule.  She is terrific." - Scott McGeary, M.D.

"I have just hit my two year anniversary studying Pilates with Heather and couldn't be happier with the experience or the progress I have made.  I started at a time when my lack of flexibility and core strength were starting to catch up with me, and I was having trouble running and doing other workouts.  After building up curiosity observing several Pilates sessions while working out at the gym, I am so glad I finally tried it for myself.  I have really learned a lot from Heather and am now very excited about the new exercises and challenges.  Heather has helped me increase flexibility and strength in a way that was safe and balanced.  No one session is the same as another and she has helped me advance in so many exercises that I cannot imagine what I would do without Pilates as part of my fitness and well-being routine.  Heather is extremely dedicated, encouraging and the sessions are very enjoyable."- Susan Gurley, M.D.

"When my husband began working with Heather 4 years ago, I quickly noted very significant improvement in his core strength. When I developed arthritis in my knees and hips, I decided to add Pilates to my physical therapy and exercise routine.  I have been extremely pleased in my improvement and my ability to maintain activities I enjoy such as hiking. Heather is excellent at adjusting the program to address individual problems and tailor exercises that lead to continued improvement.  She also develops exercises I can do while traveling to maintain improvement.
I consider Pilates with Heather a vital part of my health care maintenance.  For me, it has been an excellent way to improve and maintain function and achieve my life-style goals. - Karen D. Dunn, M.D.

"I was a student of Heather Alexander, in both Pilates and Stretch, for 2 1/2 years. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2006 and the time I spent with her was by far my best treatment. The Stretch class is invaluable to anybody with flexibility issues or anybody who needs a healthy strategy for stress management. Heather is not only very knowledgeable and professional, she is personable, warm and nurturing. A true blessing!" - Paula Dunlap

"I've had a number of Pilates instructors over the years and none has stood out and allowed me to further my goals like you have. I truly appreciate your approach to Pilates. The visual imagery that you create has been invaluable to helping me achieve correct Pilates form. Your guidance, professionalism, warm and friendly manner made being your student an absolute pleasure. If your career ever brings you back to this area, I'm signing on immediately; You will be sorely missed in Knoxville." - Robin Levesque

"After decades of working out and dance, I thought I had identified and strengthened every muscle in my body. Heather introduced me to muscles I had never met and taught me to activate and strengthen them. Incorporating these newly tuned muscles into my weight and cardio routines and ballet is improving my technique, fluidity, overall strength, flexibility and enabling me to do more than I ever thought I could. Her vast knowledge of the true Pilates method coupled with her constant challenge and encouragement are added bonuses. What a gift to this city! The benefits of Pilates far outweigh any cost. I wish I had found Pilates and Heather years ago!" - Lynnette Hetzler